Business Developers Pty Ltd

Business Developers is a Sales Advisory and Recruiting firm. In a time when much Professional advice and Management skill would appear to be devoted to cost-takeout techniques, our firm devotes it’s expertise to the more-demanding discipline of growing your organisation. The financial and social benefits of this are largely obvious, but seem lost on many modern-day Managers.

As a firm specialising in all aspects of business development, including fielding the best personnel, we bring decades of success and experience to the disciplines of Sales, Marketing, Channels, Alliances etc. These are several of the disciplines in your organisation, which contribute directly to your company’s top line performance.

Business Developers approach starts with gaining a comprehensive insight into your strategic objectives. Business Developers can then provide strategic and tactical advice that assists you to accomplish those objectives:

Strategic might be to deploy a sales force.…tactical might be to assist in hiring them for you, goal them, focus them, organize compensation plans, employment agreements, sales training, etc.

Strategic might be to develop a Marketing or Channels plan.…tactical might be to develop and write it for you, then provide the Organisational Change Management to ensure adoption.

Strategic might be to ‘segment’ your clients and prospects….tactical might be to assist with Account planning, and / or Opportunity pursuit planning.

A comprehensive list of services is provided on the services page.

There are several advantages to engaging Business Developers:

  • You take advantage of decades of experience in some of the most successful companies in the software, hardware and consulting business.
  • For recruiting, you tap into an extensive network of ‘known-good’ individuals in Sales, Marketing, Alliances, Consulting etc.
  • Your expenditure outlay is controlled. You do not have the overhead of permanent sales management staff.
  • You use as much or as little of sales advisory services as you wish, when you wish.
  • You get an objective viewpoint on your all-important Sales activities.