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Account Planning

An Account Plan is an essential tool, if your aim includes any or all of the following :
  • Maximizing your business with your client
  • Maximising your own ROI
  • Understanding your clients business
  • Leading the account within your own organisation, i.e. showing leadership as the Account Manager
  • Efficient functioning of the Account Team
  • Keeping competitors at bay
  • Client satisfaction and loyalty, manifesting itself as ongoing business
Account Planning is simply the process of assembling information on the account, from within your own ranks, and / or from outside information. Perhaps the most valuable part of an Account Planning process is the actual activity of assembling the contributors, and putting some order around the often considerable amount of information already known about your client. Like all such assemblies, however, it is even more beneficial to have a structure around such a gathering, such as a template to work on, even a facilitator to bring order, objectivity and a proven methodology. This serves; to ensure focused participation, give all attendees an equal voice, to challenge current thinking, and to distill all relevant facts and material into an actionable plan.

An efficient Account planning methodology will include documented information on the following :
  • The Clients business, including all impacting conditions and plans
  • Your business history with the client, past and planned
  • Clients business structure
  • Your account-team structure
  • Decision Makers, processes, influences, loyalties, personalities, etc
  • Developing ‘coaches’
  • The client’s Purchasing processes
  • Contractual Terms and Conditions
  • Competitors
  • Alignment and ‘differentiation’ of your products / services
  • Your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in this account
  • Known purchasing opportunities, including ‘Must Wins’
  • Compelling events affecting this client
  • Sales strategy
  • Alliances strategy, if relevant
  • Sales goals
  • Client satisfaction goals
  • Action Plan, including owners, dates and metrics
  • Review schedule