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Sales Strategy defines SALES or SELLING as:
  • “to transfer goods to or render services for another in exchange for money” or
  • “persuade or induce someone to buy something” or
  • “to cause or persuade to accept; convince”.

STRATEGY is defined as:
  • “a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result”.

Every organization relying on revenue from Products or Services, has something to sell, and is, therefore, in the “Sales” business. It follows that every such company or organization should be working to a strategy or plan...a Sales Strategy. The reality is, some do, some don’t. If your organization doesn’t, it is working to a distinct competitive disadvantage.
In my experience, the more well-planned, communicated and reinforced the strategy, the more successful the acceptance and execution.

A Sales strategy is basically a plan to provide the background for Sales tactics. It is simply a planned approach to the following:
  • Market segmentation
  • Client / Prospect identification
  • Prospect qualification
  • Channel strategy
  • Product or Service policy formation
  • Product or Service differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Market awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Cost-of-sales efficiencies
  • Investment / Resourcing strategies
  • Sales processes
  • Metrics for all of the above

A Sales strategy has many benefits. It provides clear direction to your internal teams involved in the sales process, assists the qualification process, one of the most critical of the sales processes, and provides the blueprint for developing of sales tactics.